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Small Animal Boarding

24/7 facility watch and care

Individual rooms designated for small animal boarding only 

Time outside of the cage available at owner's request (7am-6pm)

Vaccine Requirements

Rabies (by 6 months of age)

Ferrets only


Rabbits only

We understand how doggone confusing vaccines can be, so we have created a page dedicated to breaking down our vaccine policies and answering our client's frequently asked questions.

Rooms & Rates

Our small animal rooms are spacious and separate from other pets in our facility. Because we do not house small animals together from different families, your pet is allowed time outside of their cage (with owner permission) during the day and stay in their cage at night.


Hamsters, gerbils, and rats

$17/night (per cage)

Hamster Wheel


Guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, and ferrets

$23/night (per cage)


What to Bring

Cage (with toys, food/water dishes, etc.)

Food (treats and produce ok)


Travel carrier

Hay *optional depending on pet*

Owners must provide a cage and enough food for their pet's stay with us. Additional items can be brought from home to help your pet feel as comfortable as possible during their stay. We can easily accommodate special feeding instructions and food that needs to be kept frozen or refrigerated. 

Ready to book your pet's next stay with us?
Give us a call at (541) 926-9351 to speak with one of our receptionists!

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