Our off-leash social play program provides hours of play time for your pup that is both mentally and physically stimulating. We now have both indoor (rubber matted) and outdoor (turfed) yards for your pup to play regardless of the weather!


We welcome all dogs regardless of age, size, or temperament - we do not breed discriminate. If your pup is food or toy aggressive, we will make sure they are not in a group with toys or treats. If your pup is in heat, we can provide individual play during the time of her cycle. We also provide individual play for pups who prefer playing with our staff members over other dogs.

Vaccination Requirements

We require all boarding and daycare dogs six months and older to have Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo (DHPP), and CIV (canine influenza) vaccines. Bordetella will be required every 6 months for new clients starting November 1st, 2021.

APH can administer Bordetella ($20) and DHPP ($30) vaccines to adult dogs.

We require proof from your pet's vaccine records that they have received the vaccine before.

Puppy Vaccinations

Puppies must have all three rounds of veterinary-administered DHPP, Bordetella, and at least the first booster for CIV. Rabies is not required for puppies under six months of age.

We cannot accept home-administered vaccines.

If you or a breeder has administered vaccines to your pet, please have them approved by your veterinarian.

We can only accept vaccine records from veterinarian clinics.


Our daycare program is a little different than other daycare facilities...

We believe that breaks are vital for your pup's overall wellbeing during a full day of daycare. This allows dogs to take a quick rest from playing so they don't over exhaust themselves, which can lead to stress and moody pups. We allow all of our daycare and boarding dogs to take a break during lunchtime (typically 11am-12pm or 12pm-1pm) from playing. Lunch is fed around 12pm to our daycare dogs if requested and provided by the owner.

Daycare dogs may be dropped off at any time Monday through Saturday during our regular business hours (7am-6pm). Because we are a boarding facility, too, daycare does not start until 9am so we can cater to our boarding dogs first thing in the morning. Daycare dogs dropped off before 9am stay in their own kennel until daycare starts. Water and a comfy cot is always available to daycare dogs whether they are playing in group or in a kennel.

We have three different groups: actives, calms, and smalls. Each group is tailored to the various age, size, and temperament we see in our daycare and boarding dogs. We never allow small and big dogs in the same group to avoid injuries and conflict in play style. Our play groups are always supervised by at least one of our trained handlers, and dogs are never left unattended. Our new vinyl fencing makes our yards very secure and safe for your dog, even diggers and fence climbers!

About our temperament tests...

Because our groups are based on age, size, and energy level, our temperament test process allows us to 1) determine your dog's play style in a group with +15 other dogs, and 2) determine which group your dog is most comfortable playing in. Dogs must be able to demonstrate appropriate play styles to be able to participate in our daycare play groups. Temperament tests are done at 1pm Monday thru Friday on a first-come-first-serve basis. While it's strongly recommended, we do not require that your dog complete the temperament test process before their first boarding stay with us. The temperament test will be done the following day of your dog's boarding reservation with us if they are dropped off after 1pm. We must have proof that your dog is up-to-date on the vaccines listed above to be able to complete the temperament test. Your dog does not need to complete or pass their temperament test to be able to stay with us. We offer accommodations for dogs who prefer playing with our staff members over other dogs, including routine potty breaks and individual playtime.

Initial Temperament Test - $13/dog

Price increases to $17 if your dog is here for over 2 hours and then to $24 if here for more than 4 hours their first stay



Up to 2 hours of play



Half Day

Up to 4 hours of play



$18 starting 9/1/22

Full Day

Over 4 hours of play



$28 starting 9/1/22

Daycare passes can be purchased for 5, 10, 20, and 30 days, saving you up to 20% off the regular rate!

Our virtual daycare passes never expire and are recommended for regular daycare goers.


Petnasium (1359 square feet)

Romp Room (524 square feet)

Upstairs Playroom (488 square feet)

Small K9 Yard

Annex Yard

Left Field

Our designated play areas and turfed yards are thoroughly sanitized every night and spot cleaned during the day. We practice high standards of cleanliness and sanitation for your dog's health and overall well-being. 


615 Madison Street SE

Albany, Oregon 97321

T: 541-926-9351

F: 541-926-0209

Monday thru Saturday


Sunday and Holidays 











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