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Price Increase - Effective July 1st, 2023
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Pampering Services

We LOVE to spoil your pet!

We want to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible during their stay with us. We're constantly improving our services so if you don't see a specific service you would like included during your pet's stay, please feel free to contact us ahead of time or discuss how we can help with our receptionist team at drop off.

Pet Parent Peace of Mind

POSTCARDS ($2/day per pet) 

#1 popular service!

Our Postcard service provides photos of your pet every day during their stay. Photos are sent directly to you by text message or email, and provides peace of mind while you and your pet are away.

MEMOS ($3.50/day)

If you love receiving our Postcard services with your pet's previous stays with us, or if you like the idea of receiving daily updates on your pet's stay directly to your phone, you'll want to sign up for Memos! Receive a photo of your pet with a summary of their day all in one!


Treats & Sweets

FRO-YO CUP ($5/cup)

Choose from three different flavors of Boss Dog's delicious frozen yogurt cups for a delicious, chilly treat that is available for both dogs and cats! Available in banana/peanut butter, pumpkin, and cheese/bacon flavors.

STUFFED KONG ($3.50/each)

Stuffed Kongs are a favorite among our boarding and daycare dogs, and is the most delicious boredom buster we offer! Kongs can be stuffed with your pet's choice of peanut butter or cheese, and is offered as a morning, lunch, or bedtime toy-and-treat in one.

        Available for dogs only

BEDTIME SNACK ($3.50 each)

What better way to wind for the night than with a delicious bedtime snack? We offer Merrick's soft and delicious Brusheez dental chews in a variety of sizes and flavors for your pup's nighttime snack and oral hygiene care!

        Available for dogs only

One-on-One Play

Due to the popularity of our one-on-one playtime services, we reserve these services for dogs that cannot participate in our regular daycare activities. Rest assured, if your pup is part of our daycare program, they are already getting lots of playtime with their dog friends!

One-on-One sessions can be added to your pet's stay up to one time per day.



Whether your pup won't be joining our regular daycare playtime during their visit with us, or you have an extra playful pet you'd like us to spend additional one-on-one time with, consider adding an individual playtime session to their stay! This service offers 10-20 minutes of non-stop fun including one-on-one playtime with your pet and one of our handlers. Let us know what your pet's favorite activities are and we'll make sure to incorporate them during their playtime!


10-20 minutes of non-stop play for your dog with one of our handlers and a Chuck-It ball launcher!

Overnight Care


Overnight Care is offered 7 days a week for pets with health issues or who are not comfortable in a kennel overnight. Our night staff will provide 24/7 watch and care over your pet in our office area, providing a calm and safe space for your pet. Our overnight services not only provide additional care and one-on-one attention, but can give you peace of mind for your geriatric, special needs, or nervous pet.


Whether you have a geriatric dog or a spry puppy, or you simply want to provide some additional relief for your four-legged friend, our overnight staff is here to help! We can accommodate midnight potty breaks, or work with the nightly potty schedule your dog is used to at home. 


This is a must-have for our first time boarders and perfect for any pet that could use an extra cuddle before bedtime. This services includes 10 minutes of calming one-on-one time with one of our handlers and your pet.

Celebration Packages


Staff favorite!

Celebrate your furry friend's special day with us! This staff-favorite package includes a signed birthday card, a cake plushy toy, BossDog frozen yogurt, and digital birthday photos of your pet posted to our social media pages.


Maybe your pet's birthday is unknown, but it's still worth celebrating the day you brought your best friend home! This package includes all of the same goodies as our Birthday Package, but with a "Gotcha Day" themed photoshoot.


Extra Pampering



Let us take care of your pet's nails while they're staying with us! We offer nail trims for dogs, cats, and small animals, and nail dremeling (nail grinding/buffing) for dogs. Please view our Grooming page for specific pricing, and ask one of our receptionists to add your pet to our grooming schedule during their stay with us!



For additional information regarding our grooming services please visit our Grooming page. For specific pricing and to schedule a grooming appointment during your pet's stay, please contact our receptionist team. 

Would you like to add an extra service to your pet's stay?
Give us a call at (541) 926-9351 to speak with one of our receptionists!

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