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Dog Grooming Tools


Starting March 1st, 2023, our grooming prices will increase at least $5 - $10 depending on your dog's weight and coat length. Additionally, grooming dogs who are with us for 4 hours or longer will be subject to an $18 daycare fee. Please ask our receptionist team for an updated quote at the time of making your grooming appointment.

Our salon welcomes dog of all shapes and sizes! Our wonderful bather has years of experience caring for and pampering a variety of dogs ranging in age, size, and breed. We strive to meet your grooming requests and expectations while maintaining high standards of care and safety for your pet. Our bather and receptionists are available to answer your questions, recommend products and services that best cater to your pet's needs, and can help address any concerns you may have prior to your pet's appointment with us.


At this time, we are not offering haircut services. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our receptionist team for more information.

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Dog Grooming

Grooming services are available Wednesday through Saturday by appointment only. Click Here to view our walk-in services.

To avoid misquotes or misunderstandings with our pricing, we do not list our grooming prices on our website. Please give us a call and one of our receptionists will be more than happy to provide a grooming quote for your pet and answer any additional questions you may have. 

Additional charges may be applied due to matting, fleas, age, and/or behavioral difficulties experienced during your pet's appointment.

Included with each appointment:


Brush out

Nail trim

Ear cleaning


Add on's:

Dremel (nail buffing), sanitary trim, paw pad shave out, trim up feet, teeth brushing, anal gland expression, trim up feathers, nail polish

Grooming Packages

Our grooming packages offer extra pampering services that can be added to your dog's regular bath or haircut appointment. Included with each package are two additional grooming services (shown below) that can be chosen by the owner or by the groomer at the owner's request. 

Please note: pricing listed below for each package is the additional cost added to your pet's regular bath price.

Stinky Pete


Playing at the dog park, digging in the backyard, and rolling around in the dirt leads to what we like to call a "stinky Pete." We'll use the best of the best smelling shampoo and fragrance to turn your Pete back into a huggable and lovable pet!

Fleas Be Gone


Looking for a quick solution to getting rid of the fleas? Paired with a monthly flea preventative (preferably one prescribed by your veterinarian), this package will help your pet get rid of fleas for good! 

Mend the Shed


Let us help you take care of unwanted hair by using our special de-shedding shampoo, our hydro system that helps remove the loose undercoat hair, and a much needed brush out. Tis the shedding season!

Silk n' Shine


The name says it all; let us help your pooch look their absolute best by turning their coat from frizzy to silky and dull to shine. No one likes a bad hair day!



Put the tomato soup down and let our groomers help get rid of that nasty skunk smell. It's a dog  owner's worst nightmare, but we're here to help get your pup back to smelling good again!

Brilliant Dog


Our specialty shampoo and conditioner for this package helps to brighten your black or white dog's coat so they can look (and feel) their absolute best! 

Grease Ball


It's a fact, nobody likes greasy hair. Just like people, some dogs are more prone to a greasy coat than others. We use a specialty shampoo and conditioner that will combat the grease and help your pup feel much cleaner and less greasy.

Sensitive Skin


We're no stranger to skin allergies and sensitivities. Fortunately, we provide a very mild shampoo and conditioner  that helps clean and revitalize your pup's coat without compromising their sensitive skin.

Walk-In Services

Walk-in services are offered Wednesday through Saturday between 8am-4pm

and are limited to the services listed below:

Walk-In Services

Nail Trim (dog)


Nail Trim (cat or small animal)


Dremel (nail grinding/buffing)


Gland Expression


Ear Cleaning 


Sanitary Trim


Teeth Brushing 


Paw Pad Shave Out


Ready to book an appointment?
Give us a call at (541) 926-9351 to speak with one of our receptionists!

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