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Effective September 1st, 2022

To Our Valued Clients,


Small businesses around the country have all seen and endured new challenges over the last couple of years: product and labor shortages, inflation, an overwhelming demand, and multiple minimum wage increases. While the Albany Pet Hotel has managed to successfully stay afloat with the help of our amazing clients and employees during these difficult times, we are faced with increasing our own prices. This will allow us to continue serving our clients and their pets while maintaining high standards and quality care for our team members, clients, and their beloved pets alike.


Towards the beginning of this year, we saw an outstanding increase in demand for our pet care services. With this being overwhelming and exciting at the same time, the Pet Hotel quickly got to work hiring quality additional staff to join our team in order to meet our staff-to-dog ratio. This has enabled us to not only maintain our current standards, but also increase our communication amongst staff and with our clients, further our detail orientation throughout the facility, and establish better protocols and policies to create an even safer environment for our team members and our clients’ pets. While this has significantly increased our own costs, we feel that adequate staffing is extremely important to our facility, staff members, and our pets as a whole.


One of our philosophies is "happy team = high quality care," which is something we have been focusing heavily on this past year. Starting late last year, the Albany Pet Hotel has been providing full medical and dental insurance for its employees, competitive and recently increased wages, and flexible time off. Just as we want the best for our clients and their pets, we want to set our employees up with the best care possible while providing a fun and interactive workplace environment. We believe this is one of the roots towards a successful small business, encouraging management to focus closely on our employees and allowing the business to maintain and even increase our standards and quality of care for our clients and their pets.


While we continue to grow our staff and their wellbeing, as well as our policies and standards of care, we also have exciting plans to further grow our facility! This will allow for even more space for our boarding and daycare dogs to romp around, additional kennel areas allowing us to increase our capacity (especially during the holidays), more focus on our feline friends, and much more. 


With all of these exciting changes in place, the Albany Pet Hotel will be implementing a price increase on most daycare and boarding services. Our new prices were not an easy decision to make, but the numbers were calculated carefully with our clients and their pets in mind to ensure a successful future for the Albany Pet Hotel facility and its team members. The prices shown below will be effective September 1st, 2022. Clients with existing reservations on or past September 1st will be contacted regarding the price increase. If you have any questions regarding our pricing or services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 541-926-9351. We look forward to many more years of growth in all areas and departments, and providing excellent quality care for your pet!

Albany Pet Hotel Owners & Management Team

albany pet hotel copy.png

Albany Pet Hotel Price Increase

Effective September 1st, 2022


Hourly (up to 2 hours)

Half Day (up to 4 hours)

Full Day

Initial Temperament Test

Cat Day Visit







5 Day

10 Day

20 Day

30 Day

Half-Day     Full-Day

$85.50         $133.00     5% off

$162.00       $252.00     10% off

$306.00       $476.00     15% off

$432.00       $672.00     20% off


Small Cubby

Medium Cubby

Large Cubby

X-Large Cubby

Standard Suite

Deluxe Suite

Jumbo Suite

Gold Country Club

Platinum Country Club

Afternoon Departure

(Pick up after 12pm)











10% off each dog in a shared kennel




10% off each cat in a shared Condo


Small Pocket Pets

(Hamsters, gerbils, rats)

Medium-Large Pocket Pets

(Guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, etc.)

$15.00/night per cage

$20.00/night per cage


Small Birds

(Parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds, etc.)

Medium-Large Birds

(Conures, African Greys, macaws, cockatoos, etc.)

$15.00/night per cage

$20.00/night per cage

Questions? Contact Us!

One of our receptionists would be more than happy to answer your questions, schedule a time to tour our facility, or help you set up a reservation for your pet.

Phone: 541-926-9351      Fax: 541-926-0209


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