Dalmation/Coonhound mix
5 years old
Spayed & Microchipped
45 lbs. (medium size)

Meet Frannie! We have had the pleasure of getting to know Frannie over the past few years while she attended daycare and boarding with us. When her owner fell ill and could no longer care for Frannie, we took her in as a foster dog in hopes of finding her perfect forever home.


While Frannie can be a little nervous meeting new people at first, she’s extremely goofy and affectionate once she gets the chance to open up! Frannie does well alone and is completely potty trained. She enjoys being in the presence of her favorite people and will happily chew on her toys or curl up and take a nap. While Frannie doesn’t tend to do well being in crowded or busy situations, she does enjoy going on walks and spending time outside. She’s very affectionate and friendly once she gets to know you, and will let you know where her favorite petting spots are! She isn’t much of a cuddler, but truly enjoys being in her favorite people’s presence. 


Frannie was rescued from an abusive and traumatic situation at an early age as she lived on the streets of Mexico during the first part of her life. Unfortunately, Frannie does have a bite history with men. For this reason, we are looking for a very special person who can provide an incredibly loving and patient home for Frannie. Given her past, she will do best in a home with no children as fast movement can be scary for her. She also has some sensitive areas she doesn’t like being touched/pet that her next owner will need to be understanding of. We truly believe Frannie will thrive in a loving home with someone who has a low-traffic household with little expectations of Frannie. She enjoys doing things on her own terms at her own pace. 


Frannie comes with an adorable underbite and striking black and white spotting. She is up to date on her vaccines, microchipped, spayed, and housebroken. Frannie enjoys playing with a few select four-legged friends in small groups, but will need to be slowly introduced to any other pets who currently live in the household. She has displayed some resource guarding of beds and toys from other pets in the past, and might require some training in this area should she go to a home with other animals. We are specifically looking for someone who owns or leases a home (no apartments) with a completely 6’ fenced yard so Frannie can resume her favorite sunbathing and outdoor playtime activities once settled into her new home. 

To inquire about Frannie, please call our office at 541-926-9351 or email us directly at All prospective adopters will need to complete an adoption questionnaire, a meet-and-greet at our facility in Albany, Oregon, and a trial period prior to finalizing the adoption.

Adoption Process:

1. Contact the Albany Pet Hotel by email, phone, or stop by in person with your questions about Frannie and to request an Adoption Questionnaire.

2. If your Adoption Questionnaire is approved, we will contact you to schedule a meet-and-greet for you and Frannie at our facility in Albany. We may ask you to bring any housemates and four-legged friends to ensure the perfect fit for everyone.

3. A two-week trial period is required for any potential adopter. We prefer to bring Frannie to your home so we can see where she will be staying (and hopefully where she will be living for the rest of her life!).

If both parties feel confident about moving forward with the adoption after the trial period, adoption paperwork will be signed and Frannie will become your new forever best friend!


To inquire about Frannie, please contact us at 541-926-9351 or